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Multicultural Me in the Newspaper

When we read the newspaper these days, there are too many stories of bullying, fighting, racism and discrimination. It is important for kids in Australia to see that friendship is possible in their lives, no matter what is happening in the world.

Thank you to the journalists who have written about Multicultural Me in the newspaper and other media.

Here’s what we sent out before the launch during Children’s Book Week 2015

MEDIA RELEASE, 5 August 2015

 ‘Multicultural Me’ children’s book to combat racism in Australian schools

A Zimbabwean-born, Perth woman is proving a multicultural Australia is possible with a new illustrated book teaching children how to celebrate cultural diversity and friendship.

Taku Scrutton, an inspirational speaker, will launch the book on 26 August during National Children’s Book Week (22 to 28 August).

The book titled ‘Multicultural Me’ is an 8-verse poem designed to initiate conversations amongst young people about who they are, what their different cultural backgrounds are and how they can become friends.

Ms Scrutton says, “When I watch the anti-racism protests happening around Australia I wonder what people are telling their children. Who is talking to them about that? I believe friendship and respect should be discussed with children from early on to combat racism and discrimination later in life. I hope ‘Multicultural Me’ encourages our teachers, parents and leaders to do so in a fun and colourful way.”

On Harmony Day 2014 Ms Scrutton was a guest speaker for Halogen Foundation Australia, a non-profit organisation that hosts leadership events for school children across Australia.  Halogen’s Event Manager, Janice Hickman says, “The very fabric of Australia is richly woven with so many cultures and communities that any tool we can give to support and give voice to the next generation can only strengthen and enrich the future for everyone.

“If there is anyone to do this, it is Taku Scrutton.  Everything she puts her hand to is with excellence and ‘Multicultural Me’ is no exception.  I believe this book will be a great encouragement to this new generation of children who now call Australia home,” said Ms Hickman.

Ms Scrutton worked with Perth-based illustrator Jason Trevenen to develop ‘Multicultural Me’. Together they have started running public speaking and cartoon workshops for children. Schools can arrange for Ms Scrutton or the illustrator to visit them during Children’s Book Week.

Teachers, youth organisations and parents are encouraged use the book to facilitate cultural understanding and respect in their schools, homes and communities.

Ms Scrutton’s self-published book will be launched on Wednesday 26 August at the Ruth Faulkner Library, 215 Wright Street, Cloverdale WA 6105.

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