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Poetry, Writing Books and Crowdfunding

Writing books is hard work but publishing books is even harder! I struggled to find a publisher in Australia that wanted to publish my book. I approached quite a few by email, phone and in person at book festivals and the most common things I heard were:

  • We do not accept picture books
  • We are not accepting [any more] children’s books.
  • We do not accept poetry.

Well, Multicultural Me is a children’s picture book of poetry and cartoons. I simply decided to publish the book on my own.

I set up a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible and managed to raise 26% of what I asked for. The sad thing was I didn’t get any of that money because Pozible only releases funds if your full amount is pledged.

I resorted to Plan B – working harder and saving until I had enough to print the book.

If you are a writer or creative person you can read “5 Reasons why Creative People should try Crowdfunding” on my personal blog page.

My unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign made me more courageous and determined so I could successfully publish my book.

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