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ABC Splash: Harmony Day Blog Post

“Harmony Day on 21 March is a day to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s a wonderful opportunity to promote inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. But EVERY day should be a day of harmony, writes Taku Scrutton.” Read the full blog post written for ABC Splash on Harmony Day.

Your Questions – Making the book

I answer your questions about making the book Multicultural Me. Why did you choose that title? Why are all the words in capital letters? How long did it take to write Multicultural Me? Who else helped to make the book? What is your favourite part of the book?

Your Questions – Being a poet

I answer your questions about being a poet. When did you learn to start writing poetry? Do you like to write poems? What’s your favourite type of poem? What’s the best thing about writing books like Multicultural Me? How did you write the book?