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Multicultural Me Book by Taku

Multicultural Me by Taku Mbudzi is a children’s book full of cartoons to celebrate the cultural diversity and friendship of kids in Australia.

My Story

I moved to Australia from Zimbabwe in 2002 and it took me a long time to fit in and make friends. I had to become comfortable in my own skin and proud of my heritage and my life experiences. Sharing my stories and who I am continues to be a rewarding experience for me.

Multicultural Me is a poem I wrote on Harmony Day in 2013 after I gave a school assembly talk. There were 89 different cultures and languages represented at the school and the children proudly paraded different costumes and flags from their countries.

When I spoke to the children later they felt that their looks, their accents and their parents made it hard for them to make friends.

I decided to write a book that highlights the things that ARE different about us, but also the wonderful things we have in common with each other.

I hope Multicultural Me helps you find your own voice and make new friends.

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