Being an author_Multi-Me Radio podcast

Your questions – Being an author

I answer your questions about being an author. Why do you…
Your questions_Multi-Me Radio podcast

Your questions – Why write this book?

I answer your questions about why I wrote this book. Why…
My Looks 2_Multi-Me Radio podcast

My Looks and Me (Book verse)

I talk about my looks and why my Dad called me 'Miss Apples'…
Jason cartoon workshop

Meet our illustrator: Jason from Kaboom Toons

Hello everyone, meet my friend Jason from Kaboom Toons. He's the…

Meet our PALS from the book

Hello friends, meet our PALS - Pip, Amina, Lee and Sammy from…
Stack of Multicultural Me_Buy books

Why did I write the book Multicultural Me?

Hello friends, find out how a school assembly talk on Harmony…
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What is Multi-Me Radio?

Hello friends, listen to why I have started Multi-Me Radio and…