Our awesome friend Carmen Braidwood

I first met Carmen Braidwood in 2013 when she interviewed me on 96FM radio. I had won a competition to be on The Project and Carmen introduced me to Australia on national TV.

It was all scary and new to me, but Carmen held my hand through it all. She was so supportive, especially because she already had years’ experience on radio and TV.

Carmen Braidwood and Taku The Project

Carmen and I have since become good friends and when I told her about Multicultural Me she instantly supported me by spreading the word to her friends and networks.

Recently she eagerly agreed to teach 10 kids how to be a TV presenter in a workshop we organised. Wow! How can someone be so friendly and kind? The kids absolutely loved it and you’ll get to see some of their work in the near future.

Thank you Carmen for your friendship.

Multi-Me TV Kids Workshop with Carmen Braidwood GoPro

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