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Reading Time Online’s book review really made me smile. Reading Time is run by The Children’s Book Council of Australia. Thank you to their reviewer Elizabeth Douglas for saying this about Multicultural Me:

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This most appealing picture book aims to celebrate ‘the cultural diversity and friendship of young people in Australia’.  It introduces four children from China, Iraq, Zimbabwe and Australia and, in straightforward language, describes the way they are different in terms of colour, hair, dress, food and religion and, equally important, all the aspects of life that they have in common from having lunch, sharing laughter, loving their families, playing and learning.  The text is written with a light touch yet also includes sensitive references to their home cities being different from Australian towns and cities, and to everybody’s dreams and hopes being different.  The full page, lively illustrations enhance the message and, combined with the large type and minimal text, would make the book enticing for those for whom English is a second language.

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