VIP Guests at Multicultural Me Book Launch

Our friends Minister Mike Nahan MLA and OMI

Hon Dr Mike Nahan MLA is the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests in Western Australia. He has been a great supporter of our book Multicultural Me – he officially launched it for us during Children’s Book Week.

Dr Mike Nahan, Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests

The Minister shared his own story of moving from America to Australia.

His team at the Office of Multicultural Interest (OMI) has also been wonderfully supportive. They have told people about the book in their news updates and more than anything else, they have provided moral support.

I was honoured when the Minister invited me to join his Multicultural Advisory Committee in September this year. This is a consultative body to the Minister on issues facing culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Western Australia.

Multicultural Me was inspired by children in these communities who have told me they struggle to make friends or fit in because of their multicultural backgrounds. I have chosen to use poetry, humour and cartoons to celebrate multiculturalism and encourage friendship in Australian schools.

I look forward to working with Minister Nahan, OMI and the Multicultural Advisory Committee to find new [creative] ways to address issues facing young people in our community.

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