Halogen Foundation NYLD Harmony Day Taku Speech

Our friends at Halogen Foundation Australia

On Harmony Day 2014, Halogen Foundation Australia invited me to inspire primary school children at the National Young Leaders Day (NYLD)* seminar at Perth Convention Centre.

In my speech I told the audience how I found my [multicultural] voice in Australia. Then I said I wanted to be a cartoon one day. Afterwards, the children inspired me so much with their friendliness, curiosity and humour that I decided to turn them into cartoons in Multicultural Me.

When the book came out everyone at Halogen Foundation was so supportive – they even helped me pass the book to the schools that heard my speech on Harmony Day.

Thank you Janice Hickman and the team at Halogen Foundation for your friendship.

Halogen Foundation Australia Multicultural Me Book

*National Young Leaders Day (NYLD) is an annual event founded by the Halogen Foundation to develop strong leadership values amongst young Australians. The program consists of keynote talks, multimedia presentations and interactive learning that seeks a range of specific outcomes for young people.

Halogen events and resources are also available in New Zealand and Singapore.

http://www.halogen.org.au | @halogenaus on social media

Footage courtesy of Halogen Foundation Australia

Nominate for School Talks with Taku
iBooks Multicultural Me

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