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Our friends at St Joseph’s School (Chelsea, Melbourne, VIC)

The teachers and kids at St Joseph’s School were full of surprises! My friend Hughey had taken in his copy of Multicultural Me to show his teacher. She then decided to use it for some lessons about story-writing and creating characters.

I didn’t know this when I arrived to give a talk in their school library. I was absolutely amazed that they knew my poem and the characters so well. It was just incredible.

Then when I asked for volunteers to step up and read the poem in front of everyone, all hands went up and I almost started crying.

The 8 students who stood up read the poem so well – I was so proud. Afterwards I answered the students’ questions and sadly we ran out of time to go through all of them.

The biggest surprise that DID make me cry was that they had written down their questions for me before I gave my school talk. They presented me with more than 40 questions on big sheets of butter paper.

St Joseph's School Melbourne Questions Author Taku St Joseph's School Melbourne Multicultural Me Questions Author

I just couldn’t believe that they were so curious and that is also why I started Multi-Me Radio. I want to answer every single question. I appreciate the time and effort the students made to get together in groups and write them. Listen to me answer some of their questions about being an author.

This is how friendship grows, through asking questions and starting dialogue.

Thank you very much St Joseph’s School for your friendship.

P.s. I really liked how friendly you were, greeting me as I walked across your sunny school playground.

St Joseph's School Playground Melbourne

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