Hale School Talks Assembly

Our friends at Hale School (Perth, WA)

The children and teachers at Hale School were the very first people to hear a speech about Multicultural Me. At that time it wasn’t even a real book yet, and I told them how I was crowdfunding to finish the book.

Mrs Heldt, Head of Hale Junior Primary and Miss Benbow had also organised for a class to read the poem out during this school assembly. It was incredible watching the boys step up to the microphone and read the verses I had written.

Hale School Junior Boys Reading Poem Assembly

I just cried with happiness.

Months later once Multicultural Me was published, I was able to gift a copy to Hale School.

I thought that was it.

Then the  class sent me a whole BOOK of thank you letters like this one:

Letters from Hale School Junior Primary

I cried some more!

When I started the Multi-Me Radio podcast I just knew I had to introduce those wonderful boys, Mrs Heldt and Miss Benbow to the world. (Listen to the interview here)

Thank you Hale Junior School for your friendship.

Hale School Assembly Book Talk

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