Multi-Me Radio Podcast is now on iTunes

multi-me radio podcast itunes bannerHello everyone, it’s Taku. I’ve started the Multi-Me Radio podcast so I can read Multicultural Me to you, share funny stories, interview our friends and answer all the questions you have sent me.

I hope you enjoying listening!

Australian Islamic College_Multi-Me Radio podcast

At your school – Australian Islamic College (Perth, Western Australia)

Hello from the Australian Islamic College! I’m with Sister Jamila (Islamic Studies teacher) discussing looks, headscarves and respect. We’re also joined by Year 7 students Siti and Aliah who share their thoughts on friendship, trust and loyalty.

Hale School Wembley_Multi-Me Radio podcast

At your school – Hale School (Perth, Western Australia)

Hello from Hale School’s Year 2 classroom! Listen to Mrs Heldt (Head of Junior Primary) and Miss Benbow (Year 2 teacher) talk about how they show friendship in their school. Awesome greeting at the start by the happy Year 2 boys!

Pip News Book Launch_Multi-Me Radio podcast

Pip’s News Report from Book Launch (Perth, Australia)

Listen to Pip’s news report from our official launch during Children’s Book Week 2015. Includes interviews with Dr Mike Nahan, Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests and Ms Chloe Mauger from the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Watch the video of this news report on our website – includes footage of our friends from Cloverdale and Carlisle Primary Schools. (Thank you to Jade O’Regan for playing Pip the news reporter, and TGV for film and sound).

Being an author_Multi-Me Radio podcast

Your questions – Being an author

I answer your questions about being an author.

  1. Why do you write books?
  2. How did you become an author?
  3. If you could give advice about writing, what would it be?
  4. What’s your favourite book and why?
  5. What’s your favourite thing about being an author?
Your questions_Multi-Me Radio podcast

Your questions – Why write this book?

I answer your questions about why I wrote this book.

  1. Why did you write Multicultural Me?
  2. How did you get the ideas?
  3. Were you happy when you made the book?
  4. How old were you when you made the book?
  5. When did you start the book?
My Looks 2_Multi-Me Radio podcast

My Looks and Me (Book verse)

I talk about my looks and why my Dad called me ‘Miss Apples’ when I was a little girl living in Africa.

Key words: skin, hair, face

Theme: just being myself

Friendly tip: Always look at the good things in other people, rather than focus on what’s on the outside.

(Sorry everyone, but I had minor issues with background sound on this one!)

Jason cartoon workshop

Meet our illustrator: Jason from Kaboom Toons

Hello everyone, meet my friend Jason from Kaboom Toons. He’s the superstar illustrator who drew the awesome pictures in the book Multicultural Me. In this episode he tell us his story,  how he came up with our funny book characters and what he does in his spare time. Jason used to work for Walt Disney Animation Australia and now teaches kids how to draw cartoons. See more of his work at (Quick correction: Amina wears a hijab in the book, and her mother wears a birqa).

Meet our PALS from the book

Hello friends, meet our PALS – Pip, Amina, Lee and Sammy from the book. I’ll also tell you about the people who inspired me to create them. (Quick correction: Amina wears a hijab in the book, and her mother wears a birqa).