Multi-Me Radio Podcast is now on iTunes

multi-me radio podcast itunes bannerHello everyone, it’s Taku. I’ve started the Multi-Me Radio podcast so I can read Multicultural Me to you, share funny stories, interview our friends and answer all the questions you have sent me.

I hope you enjoying listening!

My dreams Multi-Me Radio Podcast

My Dreams and the Future (Book Verse)

I’ll read the verse then talk about my dreams and what I wanted to be when I was a little girl.

Key words: goals, hope, aspire/aspirations

Theme: Looking to the future

Taku’s Tip: Dream the biggest, craziest things about what you want to be when you grow up. Dreams can come true!

My new day Multi-Me Radio Podcast

My New Day and Friendship (Book Verse)

I’ll read the verse then talk about my new day and making new friends.

Key phrases: new day, we see, become friends

Theme: Always being willing to make new friends

Taku’s Tip: Look after yourself and your friends because good friendship makes life so much better!

My Australia Multi-Me Radio Podcast

My Australia and Home (Book Verse)

I’ll read the verse then talk about my arrival in Australia and why I now call it home.

Key words: people, cities, landscapes

Theme: Home is where we feel loved, safe and secure.

Taku’s Tip: Always be welcoming to new people at your school or in your neighbourhood. Your friendliness can make a difference!

My play time Multi-Me Radio Podcast

My Play Time and Learning (Book Verse)

I’ll read the verse then talk about my play time and the different games I played as a little girl in Australia.

Key words: games, toys, memories

Theme: Playing is how we learn about ourselves and each other.

Taku’s Tip: Put the gadgets down and go and play outside!

My food Multi-Me Radio Podcast

My Food and Lunch (Book Verse)

I’ll read the verse then talk about my food and the various world foods I enjoy, right here in Australia.

Key words: flavours, ingredients, cutlery

Theme: We all need our lunch – we all need to eat!

Taku’s Tip: Don’t make fun of what’s in people’s lunchboxes! Be grateful for all you have to eat and be willing to try new foods as well.

My language Multi-Me Radio Podcast

My Language and Laughter (Book Verse)

I’ll read the verse then talk about my language and the Australian words and phrases I find funny.

Key words: words, prayers, songs

Theme: Everyone speaks the language of laughter

Taku’s Tip: Always wear a happy smile when you meet people who may not speak the same words as you do.

My family Multi-Me Radio Podcast

My Family and Love (Book Verse)

I’ll read the verse then talk about my family and what it’s like living alone in Australia, away from them all.

Key words: home, clothes, rituals

Theme: We all need love and acceptance

Taku’s Tip: Be grateful for the love your family gives you.

Fremantle Christian College_Multi-Me Radio podcast

At your school – Fremantle Christian College (Perth, Western Australia)

Hello from Fremantle Christian College and their Year 3 classroom! Miss Stannard their teacher talks about her family, love and the thing all families have in common. Awesome message for you at the start from the friendly Year 3 girls and boys!