Favourite things Multi-Me Radio Podcast

Your Questions – My favourite things

I answer your questions about my favourite things. What’s…
Facts about me Multi-Me Radio Podcast

Your Questions – Facts about me

I answer your questions about my life. How old are you? Do…
My new day Multi-Me Radio Podcast

My New Day and Friendship (Book Verse)

I’ll read the verse then talk about my new day and making…
Friends Collage_Book Review Multicultural Me_Taku
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Write a book review for Multicultural Me

Reading Time Online’s book review really made me smile. Reading…
Multi-Me TV Kids Workshop Carmen Braidwood
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Multi-Me TV and YouTube

Our dream is to make a movie, so we recently held a Multi-Me…
Taku Public Speaking Workshop City of Belmont
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Public Speaking for Kids at The City of Belmont (Perth, WA)

The City of Belmont is a local government council in Perth, Western…
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Our awesome friend Carmen Braidwood

I first met Carmen Braidwood in 2013 when she interviewed me…
Multicultural Me Friends Australia Iraq China Zimbabwe
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Friends from Australia, Iraq, China and Zimbabwe

When I wrote the book I decided to create new friends (or pals)…