FREE: Friendship Starter Tip #2

The Multicultural Me Friendship Starter cards have simple tips for children and how they can start making new friends. I will do my very best to post a tip every week!

3 ways to share this tip with children:

  • Save the image and print it out. Stick it on a classroom or bedroom wall or even on the fridge!
  • Show the image on your computer or phone (it’ll keep flashing with the different scenarios).
  • Share the image on your social media pages and ask your friends to do the same.

Friendship Starter Tip #2

Just say hello.


How else can you support?

1.       Support and share the World Tour GoFundMe campaign with your friends.
2.       Share ‘Multicultural Me’ (on iBooks for AU$9.99) with children in your home or classroom.


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