Multicultural Me World Tour Australia

World Tour – Why Australia?

In August 2016, I’ll be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of writing Multicultural Me. I’m going on this tour to read my book, share my stories and tell children how I use cartoons and comedy to make new friends.

Why Australia?

I live in Perth, Western Australia and I love it! This is where I have made incredible friends from all walks of life. They love and accept me just as I am. Many of the children I work with in Perth, inspired the book. I’m launching the tour just before Children’s Book Week at Warriapendi Primary School in Balga, one of the most culturally diverse suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. I’m ending the tour on World Teachers Day (5 October) at an event in Belmont, another culturally diverse suburb of Perth.

2016 Children’s Book Week Theme: Australia! Story Country

I wish to show kids that if I can make friends anywhere in Australia and the world, then they can too!

How can you support the tour?Multicultural Me World Tour Friend Levels1.       Support and share the World Tour GoFundMe campaign with your friends.
2.       Share ‘Multicultural Me’ (on iBooks for AU$9.99) with children in your home or classroom.

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